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Points Of Interest

Point #1
Sterling Park Golf Club

400 S Sterling Blvd, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 1.33
  • Attraction : neighborhood

Our first stop on this tour is Sterling Park. As we enter this neighborhood, you can see the entrance to the Sterling Park Golf Club on your left. Sterling Park Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course and has been in the community since 1964. Memberships are available to all Sterling residents, whether they live in Sterling Park or not. As we get into Sterling Park, you will see many single family, mid-century styled homes. Sterling Park is one of the more seasoned neighborhoods in Sterling and was actually one of the first planned communities in all of Loudoun county. Follow your navigation through the neighborhood on our way to the Claude Moore Community Center.

Point #2
Claude Moore Recreation and Community Center.

725 N York Rd, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 0.88
  • Attraction : Community Center

One of the great things about Sterling Park is its proximity to the Claude Moore Community Center, located on the back side of Park View High School. Go Patriots! The Claude Moore Community Center offers both a competition pool complete with lap lanes and starting blocks as well as a leisure pool, a lazy river, waterslide, hot tub and a children’s play area. For those with fitness goals, enjoy cardio equipment and strength machines in their fitness center, or try out a community fitness class like Yoga or Barre. If you would rather enjoy your time outside, right next to the Community center is Claude Moore Park, which provides natural green space and wooded areas for the community to enjoy. This is a great place for a hike, picnic, or even a place to spot wildlife as deer and foxes are often seen in the area. Make sure to take a left at Sterling Boulevard.

Point #3
Gwen Thompson Briar Patch Park.

1456 N Sterling Blvd, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 0.97
  • Attraction : Park

On your right we will be passing Gwen Thompson Briar Patch Park. This quaint five acre park offers plenty of amenities like a playground, a volleyball court and a basketball court. Playgrounds aren't just for kids, the park also offers a national fitness court. This outdoor fitness court is designed to help give adults and all ages a space to engage in fitness training. The best part is no gym membership is required! Make sure to take a left onto Harry Byrd Highway.

Point #4
Sterling History

Potomac View Rd, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 0.72
  • Attraction : History

Off to your left is one of the campuses of Northern Virginia Community College. Nicknamed Nova, this public community college is the third largest multi-campus college in the United States. As we make our way into Sugarland, I’ll tell you a little about Sterling's history. Before 1962, Sterling consisted mostly of farmland and was often a rural getaway for those living in Washington, DC. However, once Dulles international Airport was constructed, there was a demand to build up the surrounding area, which led to the creation of Sterling Park . Did you know Sterling used to be referred to as “the Redlands?” That was because of its sienna clay soils. Continue straight on Potomac View Road.

Point #5
Sugarland Run Introduction

1402 Brethour Ct, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 0.48
  • Attraction : Neighborhoods

Please turn right onto Sugarland Run Drive. We are now entering Sugarland Run. Built in the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll find a mix of both single-family homes and townhomes. What makes Sugarland Run unique is the fact that the homes were built in the California - Contemporary Style, which makes it unique from the more common colonial style seen in northern Virginia. As we drive through this neighborhood, we will also pass near Willow Lake, which is a great place to fish for Bluegills. You’ll also find 26 miles of walking paths surrounding the lake, perfect for a morning jog or afternoon stroll. Continue straight down Sugarland Road Drive.

Point #6
Sugarland Run Community Center

100 Woodgate Ct, Sterling, VA 20164, USA

  • Distance : 0.67
  • Attraction : Community Center

We need to turn left on Penny Lane, but if you were to continue on Sugarland Run, you would find the Sugarland Run Community Center. This fun Center has been serving the community for over 50 years. It was newly renovated in 2008. The Community center often hosts events throughout the year including concerts, movie nights, dances, and holiday parties. Right by the Community Center is the Sugarland Run Swimming pool, which is the largest private swimming pool in Loudoun County! This Olympic sized pool even includes its own diving well and handicapped accessible wading pool. Next, let’s get back onto Potomac View Road.

Point #7

20765 Parkside Cir, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 0.57
  • Attraction : Directions

As we leave Sugarland Run, take a left onto Middlefield Dr. and then another left onto Cascades Parkway.

Point #8
Cascades Introduction

46625 Stonehelm Ct, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 0.51
  • Attraction : Neighborhoods

We are now entering Cascades. Cascades is a 2,500 acre planned community and is extremely sought after due to its proximity to the Potomac River. It even has its own riverfront boat launch. This area is also the most recently developed part of Sterling, being officially incorporated in 1990. A great amenity of living in Cascades is its proximity to the Potomack Lakes Sportsplex. This 47 acre athletic complex has great outdoor features like 4 lighted softball diamonds and 6 soccer fields. It even won the 2007 ISA Softball Complex of the Year Award. Continue straight on Cascades Parkway.

Point #9
Potomac Lakes Pool

20737 Arbor Ct, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 0.96
  • Attraction : Pool

On your right we will be passing the Potomac Lakes Pool. A great perk of living in Cascades is free access to its pools. Potomac Lakes Pool is 1 of the 5 pools located in Cascades. If you’d rather get your swing on and enjoy a round of tennis at the tennis courts located here you can do that as well. Cascades even offers its own contracted tennis instructors who offer lessons to both children and adults. Continue straight on Cascades Parkway and then turn left on Palisade Parkway.

Point #10
Cascades Library/Farmers Market

21000 Southbank St, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 0.31
  • Attraction : Library

On your left, just past the Cascades Marketplace, is Cascades Library. Cascades Library offers a wide variety of free services to the community as well acting as a hub of informational and educational resources. The Cascades library also often hosts free events for the community such as book clubs, movie nights, storytimes and teen based activities in the teen center. Right by the library in the parking lot of the senior center is the Cascades farmers market. This farmers market runs on Sundays from April to December. Enjoy fresh bread from the Baguette Republic or if you’re into spice, you’ve got to try some homemade Salsa from Chef Eloy’s Kickin Salsas. Keep following your navigation.

Point #11
Sweetwater Tavern/ Sterling Restaurants

VA-7, Potomac Falls, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 0.64
  • Attraction : Restaurants

Along Route 7, you’ll find an abundance of restaurants in Sterling, from casual eateries to fine dining. There is something here for everyone. The DC metro area is also known for being a melting pot of cuisines, so you won’t be pressed to find dishes from all over the world. On your left we will pass Sweetwater Tavern. Sweetwater Tavern is part of the Great American Restaurants, started in 1974 which later grew into 16 restaurants in the Northern Virginia area. Enjoy all your American classics here, like jambalaya pasta, hickory BBQ burgers and ribeye steaks. You’ve got to try their community bread basket, served with a delicious honey butter. Make sure to take a right at Countryside Boulevard.

Point #12

133c Edds Ln, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 1.67
  • Attraction : Neighborhood

We are now entering the community of Countryside. Countryside began construction in 1981 and construction continued through the 1990s. You’ll find mostly single family homes with a few townhouses in this area. The majority of the homes are built in the colonial architecture style as you’ll see as we drive through the neighborhood. Like the name suggests, Countryside’s quiet neighborhoods will give you the feeling of being in the rural countryside while not being too far from…well everything. The neighborhood features four pools, tennis courts (outfitted for pickleball too) and trails for biking and walking. Fun fact, did you know during Prohibition, residents of the Countryside area supplemented their income with hidden stills? You may still find some in the wooded areas. Please keep following your navigation.

Point #13
Horse Pen Run Trail

4 Foxmore Ct, Sterling, VA 20165, USA

  • Distance : 2.77
  • Attraction : Private Trail

Our last stop on this tour is the exclusive Horse Pen Run trail. Specifically for Countryside residents, this scenic paved trail runs 1.5 miles along the Horsepen Creek. A great aspect of this trail is most of it is handicap accessible, making this a great trail for all abilities. Along the way there are numerous side trails to explore. At the end of the trail, you’ll find a pavilion and picnic tables right alongside the Potomac River, making this a perfect place for an after-hike picnic. You may even spot a bald eagle. That concludes our tour of Sterling, Virginia. If you liked this tour and feel like Sterling could be the place for you, make sure to contact me, Timothy Shamble at (703) 439-7001 or send me an email... tshamble@gmail.com. Thanks for taking this tour with UCPlaces.