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Place #1
Distance: 2.20mi , Attraction : Outdoors
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Isaac Remba St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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Hayarkon River and Park
Yes, you may be stuck in traffic right now, and yes some people may be honking at you,  but this is part of the fun in Tel-Aviv. It’s not personal, just take it easy and enjoy the ride.

As we make our way down Rokach Blvd towards the coast, we will cruise along one of the most popular parks in Tel Aviv.  If you’re familiar with and enjoy New York City’s Central Park, then you’re sure to experience similar sensations in Tel Aviv’s version of central park.

Through the heart of the park runs the Yarkon River which is the second largest river within the State of Israel, after the Jordan River.

The river makes its way through the heart of the city offering a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, and even paddle boarding.

Along the banks are parks with playgrounds and hiking trails where one can appreciate the flora and fauna of this region.

Although the river is now considered safe and clean, visitors are requested not to swim in it in order to protect the unique ecosystem, so don’t wear your swimming suit just yet.

Among the more incredible activities to be found in the park is the hot air balloon ride. From the sky, you can marvel at the stunning beauty of this lush green park as it winds its way through the city providing you with panoramic views of abundant wildlife and natural landscapes.

A professional pilot will be with you, so no need to worry as they will be guiding your experience and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

Another fun activity visitors enjoy on the river are the boat rentals. Renting a boat from Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv is the perfect way to explore its stunning natural beauty. Cruise along the winding river and see some of Israel's most lush landscapes.

You can also take a leisurely paddle boat ride, letting the tranquil waters soothe your soul.

Surfing in Israel? Yup, not only is that a thing on the shores of the Mediterranean, but also at Meymadion Park along the Hayarkon River.

This water park is an exciting and family-friendly attraction. It features a variety of exciting water slides, including the country’s longest and fastest extreme water slide, Ramp Up.

The park also has an interactive wave pool, river rapids, and splash pads with colorful sprayers to keep kids entertained. There are plenty of places to relax as well, with a lazy river and sun lounge chairs scattered throughout the park.

For the animal lovers out there, check out Pinat-Hai, also known as the Animal Corner. While it may not be the largest exhibit in the park, it definitely is a memorable one. The Animal corner is free and it is located adjacent to multiple picnic tables and barbeque pits.

The petting zoo, open daily, provides a charming hands-on approach with multiple breeds and species of animals.

And for the ornithologist lovers out there, the Zapari Bird Park is waiting to show you a variety of exotic birds, like imported parrot, emus, flamingos, toucans, peacocks, crested cranes.

How about some more common recreational activities with a side of daredevil fun? With multiple basketball courts and football fields to a state-of-the-art rock wall overlooking the Yarkon River, you are guaranteed to find a wide range of activities at Sportek or Park Hayarkon.

Commonly regarded as some of the best sports facilities in Israel, grab some friends and a ball and head to the court for some pickup.

Or, head over solo and jump in on a game of pickup with the locals. The highlight of the Sportek facilities is no doubt the huge rock climbing wall. With experienced and professional instructors and multiple routes to reach the top, this wall is suitable for all levels while providing a thrilling climbing experience.

There is even a baseball field for those looking to swing for the fences. Did you know that Team Israel had its largest number of active Major League Baseball players on its 2023 roster? The sport continues to grow in the country. The team was managed by Ian Kinsler, who won a World Series Championship with the Boston Red Sox in 2018.

We will be crossing over the Ben-Eliezer Bridge and merging onto HaTa’Rucha street as we approach the next destination on our tour, the Tel Aviv Seaport.

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Place #2
Distance: 0.45mi , Attraction : Outdoors
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HaTa'arucha St 21, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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Tel-Aviv Port (Namal)
Tel-Aviv is famous for great food, coffee, its weather, beautiful beaches and as a place of fun, the old seaport, combines it all.  The old Seaport or Namal is a bustling hub of activity.

Located just a few blocks west of here, and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it's one of Israel's main attractions. This vibrant area contains numerous restaurants, shops, and galleries as well as several cultural and entertainment venues.

Take a walk along the waterfront promenade for stunning views, or explore the historic vessels floating in the harbor for fascinating facts about maritime history.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy around the Tel Aviv Seaport, from sightseeing cruises to kayaking through hidden coves and beaches.

There are several galleries in the area surrounding the Tel Aviv Seaport that are worth a visit. The Beit HaGefen Arab Jewish Cultural Center has an extensive collection of art and exhibitions reflecting the cultural diversity of Israeli society.

The Dvir Gallery is a contemporary art center that showcases works from renowned Israeli and international artists.

If you are looking for a place to relax and grab a drink… or grab a drink and party, overlooking the Mediterranean waters of Tel Aviv's Port is where you will find our favorite place, Shavalta.

This lush, chic and inviting open-plan bar is celebrated for its distinctive choice of beats amidst the bewitching sea breeze. Head down for an afternoon beer that will surely turn into an evening cocktail. Sunset to sunrise, Shalvata has you covered.

In the center of a young and cool neighborhood in north Tel Aviv is Rubi - a neighborhood spot where everyone knows everyone, and the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. Serving mostly students, this bar is full every night of the week.

Playing a hip blend of Israeli and international music, guests keep dancing until the late hours of the night. Rubi serves delicious food in addition to their huge alcohol menu. The bar is also suited for hosting events, with two floors, a private room, small garden, and advanced DJ sound system.

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Map Pin Place 30 LGBTQ+
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Map Pin Place 32 Nahalat Binyamin
Map Pin Place 33 Shuck ha-Carmel (Carmel Market)

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