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Distance: 0.06mi , Attraction : Historic Landmark
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Q6FH+4X5, Zion Gate, Jerusalem
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Zion Gate
We begin our tour today at Zion Gate, at one of the southern entrances to Old Jerusalem. Here on Hativat Etsyoni street, you will find a large parking garage if you have driven here. There are also two bus stops if you have taken public transportation. 

Zion Gate is one of the eight gates that provide entry and exit points to the Old City of Jerusalem. It is located on the southwestern side of the Old City in the Jewish Quarter and is near the southern part of the Western Wall or Wailing Wall. 

The gate has a rich history dating back several centuries. It was originally constructed during the Ottoman period in the early 16th century. The gate's current appearance largely reflects renovations and reconstructions carried out by the Ottoman Empire in the mid-16th century and later by the British Mandate authorities in the 20th century.

The name "Zion Gate" is derived from its proximity to Mount Zion, a hill located just outside the Old City walls. Mount Zion has significant religious and historical importance, particularly for Jews and Christians. The gate serves as an entrance for visitors heading toward Mount Zion and the various religious sites associated with it.

Zion Gate is characterized by its distinctive stone architecture, which includes crenelated battlements and a protruding barbican, or outer defensive structure. The gate's design reflects the defensive measures taken by the Ottoman Empire to protect the Old City.

Beyond its historical and architectural significance, Zion Gate holds a symbolic importance for Jews, particularly during events like the Six-Day War in 1967. During this war, Israeli forces successfully reclaimed the Old City and its holy sites, including the Western Wall, after decades of Jordanian control. Zion Gate served as one of the entry points through which Israeli troops entered the Old City, making it an enduring symbol of Jewish return and sovereignty.

Though Mount Zion is outside the city walls, It must be noted that it is home to various religious and historical sites, including King David's Tomb and the Room of the Last Supper. Be sure to check it out if you have extra time. For now, let’s make our way into Old Jerusalem.


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Place #2
Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : City District
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The Armenian Patriarchate St 2d, Jerusalem
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Armenian Quarter
We are making our way into the Armenian Quarter of the city. It is one of the four traditional quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem, alongside the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Quarters. It holds a unique place in the city's history and culture due to its association with the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Armenian community.

Covering approximately ⅙ of the Old City’s area, The Armenian presence in Jerusalem dates back over a thousand years, and their quarter has been inhabited continuously since the early medieval period. The Armenians first settled in Jerusalem as pilgrims and later established a permanent community. Their presence was strengthened by gifts and endowments from Armenian rulers, which allowed them to maintain their properties and institutions over the centuries.

The Armenian Quarter is characterized by its narrow, winding streets and traditional stone buildings. In addition to the Church of St. James, there are several other notable landmarks within the quarter, such as the St. Mark's Convent, the Armenian Seminary (Tarkmanchatz School), and the Armenian Museum.

Coming up ahead is one of the most heralded landmarks of the quarter, the St. James Cathedral Church.


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Map Pin Place 2 Armenian Quarter
Map Pin Place 3 St. James Cathedral Church
Map Pin Place 4 Tower of David
Map Pin Place 5 Jaffa Gate
Map Pin Place 6 Church of St. John the Baptist
Map Pin Place 7 Muristan Market and Mosque of Omar
Map Pin Place 8 Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Map Pin Place 9 Foods of Old Jerusalem
Map Pin Place 10 Via Dolorosa
Map Pin Place 11 Muslim Quarter
Map Pin Place 12 Little Western Wall
Map Pin Place 13 Dome of the Rock
Map Pin Place 14 Western Wall
Map Pin Place 15 Al-Aqsa Mosque
Map Pin Place 16 Western Wall Excavations
Map Pin Place 17 Jewish Quarter
Map Pin Place 18 The Burnt House
Map Pin Place 19 Cardo Maximus
Map Pin Place 20 Hurva Synagogue
Map Pin Place 21 The Four Sephardi
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