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Place #1
Distance: 0.05mi , Attraction : Street
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500 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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Las Olas Boulevard
We have to start this tour at the most iconic street in Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Boulevard. Las Olas is considered Fort Lauderdale’s own Rodeo Drive.

Las Olas Boulevard was founded over 55 years ago in order to help small business owners flourish within the community. There is a diverse and wide variety of shops, restaurants,bars and businesses that call Las Olas Boulevard home, making it one of the most vibrant centers in the area.

If you want to sit on the riverfront to watch the boats, I highly recommend the Boathouse at Riverside Hotel, they have the best view on the Boulevard and you can get a great cocktail. If you're looking for more of an “experience”, take a dinner cruise through Riverfront Gondola Tours which makes a perfect anniversary dinner.

Continue down SE 6th Ave to the Historic Stranahan House Museum located on your right.

Place #2
Distance: 1.08mi , Attraction : Historic House
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440 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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Historic Stranahan House
Built in 1901, The Stranahan House is the oldest surviving home in Fort Lauderdale. It was built by Fort Lauderdale’s founding father Frank Stranahan. After acquiring the land in 1894 and marrying his wife, Ivy Stannahan, he built the present-day Stranahan House in 1900.

This house served as trading post, post office and home of the Stranahans. Ivy was originally a school teacher but gave up her job once she married. She instead turned her attention to creating a school and teaching the children of the local Seminole tribe.
Even after Frank’s untimely death, Ivy continued her civic activism by founding the Broward county Red-Cross and the Friends of the Seminoles and eventually landing her a spot in the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame.

The Stranahan home was bought by the Fort Lauderdale historical society in 1975 and restored to the historic museum it is today. A great way to enjoy this museum is to visit their monthly historic happy hour where the museum goes more in depth on different historic topics relating to South Florida. Continue forward and you will see the Icon Luxury Apartments on your right.

By Dtobias - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3874272

Place #3
Distance: 0.01mi , Attraction : Luxury Apartments
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440 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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Icon Las Olas
Here we are. The Icon Luxury Apartments are on your right, and that’s the second tallest building in Fort Lauderdale. While home to lavish apartments, its ground floor offers some great dining options while in the city.

If you’re looking for not only good food but a good time out, visit Salt7. Named after its signature salt blend used in seasoning their steaks, this steakhouse is great if you are looking for an upscale atmosphere.

If casual, iis more your style IT! Italy has got you covered. They have all your Italian favorites made in-house daily.

Got a Sushi craving? Sushi garage is a great spot for traditional Japanese styled sushi.

Nearby you'll see the entrance to the Riverwalk. Hop on that and we will continue on our tour.

Place #4
Distance: 0.08mi , Attraction : Cruises
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440 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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Carrie B. Cruises
Come sail away with Carrie B cruises. Carrie B cruises is a third generation, family owned business that has provided scenic boat tours since 1959.

These tours take place on the Carrie B, a paddlewheel steamer which was the predominant boat of the 19th century. This boat won’t feel dated though as the accommodations include ample seating, air conditioning and a full service bar.

These tours will take you past the expansive mansions of “Millionaires row” and the unique coves and inlets of Fort Lauderdale’s waterways. Did you know Fort Lauderdale even has its own White House? There’s a good chance you’ll see it on this tour.

You may even get to see some cruise liners or the US. Navy ships that frequent the ports of Fort Lauderdale.

Place #5
Distance: 0.13mi , Attraction : Riverwalk
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301 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk
That blue water calling your name? Well the Riverwalk offers a selection of single and double kayaks as well as stand-up paddle boards to rent. If staying dry is more your style, bicycles are also available for rent. They offer multi-day rentals, so you can enjoy the waters for an entire vacation or staycation. Continue straight to the end of N New River Drive E.

Place #6
Distance: 0.12mi , Attraction : Museum
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215 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
POI 6 Tour Image
Museum of Discovery and Science
Take a right on Las Olas Way, not far from here is a great spot worth mentioning is the Museum of Discovery and Science.

In 1992, the Museum of Discovery and Science was opened to keep up with demands for science education and cultural experience in the Fort Lauderdale area.

This is a great place to take the whole family, with two floors of exhibits that work for both young and older children. They also host multiple events throughout the year such as overnight sleep-ins, beach clean ups and guest speakers.

A great highlight of this museum is its two story otter tank, perfect for observing the critters swim and play. Did you know otters travel in groups? Even when they sleep they wrap themselves in seaweed and float together in a group called a raft.

With so much to see here, this museum is definitely worth dedicating a whole day to.

Continue on Las Olas Way and take a left at E Las Olas Blvd.

Place #7
Distance: 0.07mi , Attraction : Building
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Las Olas B/SE 2 A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
POI 7 Tour Image
100 Las Olas
In case you can’t tell, 100 Las Olas is the city's largest building standing at just one foot short of 500 feet. For size comparison, that's about 50 elephants stacked on top of each other. Wow, that's tall! This high-rise includes a garage, hotel and 113 residences.

Aside from the luxury condos, 100 Las Olas houses the Hyatt Centric hotel, providing a spectacular stay for any guests and we can’t forget Eddie V’s, bringing its guests a world-class dining experience.

Continue forward On E Las Olas Blvd.

Place #8
Distance: 0.31mi , Attraction : Art Museum
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28 N New River Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
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NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale
Here is the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale. What makes this museum unique from other museums in the area is its focus on contemporary art.
Aside from their amazing collections inside, it's worth going around to see the various murals painted outside the museum.

These murals also make for a great photo opt or selfie location. NSU values making art accessible to everyone in the community so every first Thursday of the month admission is free.

If you want to get back on the Riverwalk you can hop back on through Bubier park. If not keep walking forward and meet me at W Las Olas Blvd.

Place #9
Distance: 0.38mi , Attraction : Outdoor Venue
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32 W Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
POI 9 Tour Image
The Wharf Fort Lauderdale/Thrive Sculpture
Located on the Las Olas riverfront is the Wharf. The Wharf is over one acre of open air event space. You will never get bored here with their rotating pop up restaurants and live music events, enjoy an expert level cocktail and an unforgettable night out.

You’ll never be pressed to find a happy hour or cocktail special here. Check this out though - they even hold networking events and professional mixers. How can you go wrong with boosting your business connections and enjoying your weekend all in one place?

The venue is family friendly during the day but becomes 21+ at night so make sure you leave the little ones at home after 9.

On the right you see the iconic sculpture entitled “Thrive”.
This massive work of beauty was created by Cape Town artist and sculptor Daniel Popper. Popper is known for his huge public art installations seen at top music festivals such as Electric Forest and Boom Festival.

This 30 feet tall and 14 ton concrete sculpture is a symbol of beauty and hope.This sculpture was made possible by the utilization of 3D modeling. This is also one of the best selfie spots in Fort Lauderdale. Hint, hint.

If you go left past The Wharf you will see the entrance to get back to The Riverwalk. Continue forward on the Riverwalk and we will meet back up at History Fort Lauderdale.

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Place #10
Distance: 0.75mi , Attraction : Museum
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231 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, USA
POI 10 Tour Image
History Fort Lauderdale
Previously named the Fort Lauderdale historical society, History Fort Lauderdale’s mission is to help preserve and share the history of the community.

By focusing on Fort Lauderdale's history, the museum strives to teach a wider understanding of American history and the human experience.

They hold many cultural events throughout the year including a ghost tour of historic Fort.Lauderdale but I must warn you, it's not for the faint of heart.

So that concludes our tour for Fort.Lauderdale, feel free to walk back and enjoy any of the restaurants or sites that were mentioned on this tour or just enjoy the scenic Riverwalk. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, Florida is a major flyway zone for migrating birds so you’re bound to see an abundance of hawks or hummingbirds in the winter months.

If this feels like a place to call home, contact Derek Lee at 954-706-6950. He’d love to chat with you!

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