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Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Statue
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501 US-1 ALT, Washington, DC 20002, USA
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General Nathaneal Greene
Here's our first destination, the statue of General Nathaneal Greene. Ever heard of him? Not a lot of people have. He was a Major General of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. One of his claims to fame was that George Washington thought of him as his most dependable and gifted officer. Pretty cool! Keep driving around the park as I tell you what I know.

General Greene was born in Rhode Island in 1742 into a family of devout Quakers. He loved to read and had a pretty large library. But when he added military books to his collection, it drew a lot of disapproval from the Quaker church. Quakers are pacifists. They don't like war. So when Greene showed up at a military parade in support of a violent rebellion against England, he was expelled from his church.

He got married to Catharine Littlefield, who by the way was 12 or so years younger than him, and they had 6 kids together. But back to his military career. He was so successful leading troops and fighting battles in the Revolutionary War that the state legislature voted to gift him 10,000 guineas. What is a guinea? Well they are basically like really loud, dumb chickens. But they are tasty. However, the guineas I am talking about here are actually just a boring form of currency.

General Greene retired from his military service and settled on a plantation with his wife and children. Unfortunately though, he went on a business trip a year later and stopped by a friend's plantation to see his rice fields. He spent a little too much time in the sun riding his horse around this rice plantation and actually died of heat stroke just a few days after his trip. He was only 44 years old.

We don't know anything about the horse in the statue here. I'm hoping it isn't the one he was riding when he got that heat stroke that killed him, but who knows. Turn right on Maryland AVE heading west, then left on 1st St NW.

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Place #2
Distance: 0.00mi , Attraction : Statue
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60 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA
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Ulysses S. Grant and Cincinnati
This next statue is a fun one, because we have some good information about the awesome horse that Ulysses S. Grant is riding. Try to pull off to the side of the road somewhere to get all the info that I have. We are going to end up driving past the statue, looping around Garfield circle up ahead, and coming back this way. When we are done here we will exit on Pennsylvania Ave, which kinda looks like you will be driving the wrong way through a parking lot, but that's ok. Just go with it.

Alright, Ulysses S. Grant's horse's name was Cincinnati and he was Grant's favorite steed. Cincinnati's sire was Lexington, who at the time held the record for the fastest 4 miles in horse racing. He was a gift to Grant from a gentleman who claimed Cincinnati to be the finest horse in the world. The man asked Grant to promise him that this trusty steed would never be ill-treated. Grant made that promise and Cincinnati was his.

This beautiful horse was chestnut in color and stood 17 hands tall. For those of you who don't know horse measurements, that's about five and a half feet at the horse's shoulder. So Cincinnati was a big, big boy!

He was known to have a quiet, almost lazy personality except during war time. It seemed that the sounds of battle got his blood racing and he was always eager to run into the thick of it.

Ulysses S. Grant was so fond of Cincinnati that he only allowed two other people to ride him - Admiral Daniel Ammen and President Abraham Lincoln. When this beloved mount reached his senior years he was taken to Admiral Ammen's farm in Maryland to live out the rest of his days.

The statue itself is the second largest horse statue in the United States and the fourth largest in the world. If you were curious about the guy riding Cincinnati, that's the 18th president of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant. He led the Union Army to a victory over the Confederacy during Abraham Lincoln's presidency.

Here's a fun fact for ya. He was named a few weeks after his birth at a family gathering where everyone put names in a hat. The name "Ulysses" was randomly drawn from the hat, and there ya go. That's how the 18th American president got his name.

He had a special bond and love of horses from the time he was a child and developed an amazing ability to ride and manage horses. While attending West Point, Ulysses set a high jump record on horseback that lasted 25 years! Way to go President Grant!!

Ok, if you've already driven around Garfield Circle, keep following 1st Street and go around the circle that is just north of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. Exit the circle by heading west on Pennsylvania Ave NW. Remember, it kinda looks like a parking lot. And btw, that huge domed building opposite the memorial is the United States Capitol.

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